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IVV World Cup

The IVV World Cup is intended to motivate walkers to participate in walks in IVV member countries and individual member clubs (*), or where tour operators (**) organize IVV trips from time to time. In Turkey, IVV events take place in both the European and Asian parts of the country.

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Denmark, South Tyrol, Belgium, France, Norway, Italy, Sweden, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Finland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Estonia, Iceland (**), Greece (**), Poland, Cyprus (**), Ireland (*), Spain (*), Slovenia (*), Malta (**), Turkey (**), Portugal (**), Croatia (*), Russia (*), Latvia (**), Lithuania (*), Andorra (*), Romania, Serbia (*)

USA, Canada, Brazil, Paraguay (**), Argentina (**)

Japan, Korea, Turkey, China, India (**), Indonesia (*), Mongolia (**), Taiwan, Thailand (**),

South Africa (*), Namibia (**)

Australia, New Zealand (*), Indonesia (*), Northern Mariana Islands (**), New Caledonia (**)


IVV stamps of at least 2 different events in 3 continents (= 6 different countries) and participation stamps of 2 IVV Olympiads (stamps before the year 2000 are invalid).


  • a cap with teh World Cup emblem
  • a certificate
  • a patch

You can request the evaluation booklets from

IVV office
Fabrikstraße 8
D-84503 Altötting
Germany (German)

Phone +49 (0) 8671 883067
Fax +49 (0) 8671 963131

The evaluation booklets are available for € 38,50. Please make a transfer to the account stated on the invoice. The IVV office is also responsible for redeeming the evaluation booklets.