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IVV Pacific Cup

The Pacific Cup aims to motivate walkers to participate in events in IVV member countries and individual member clubs, or where tour operators from time to time organize IVV trips in countries bordering on the Pacific Ocean.

USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea, China, Australia, New Zealand, Saipan, Thailand, Taiwan, New Caledonia and Indonesia

Conditions of participation

Volkssport participants who have participated in at least one IVV event in at least 6 Pacific IVV member countries will receive the PACIFIC CUP award. Proof of participation is the IVV stamp entry on the inside of the participant's passport. All types of Volkssport events may be counted.


  • a T-Shirt
  • a certificate
  • a patch

You may request the participation booklets from

IVV Office
Fabrikstraße 8
D-84503 Altötting

Phone +49 (0) 8671 883067
Fax +49 (0) 8671 963131

Please remember to include your full address. You can pay in US dollars ($25.00) or in EURO (€20.50). Please make a bank transfer to the account stated on the invoice. The IVV office is also responsible for redeeming the participation booklets.